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Alfa Romeo Montreal - UPGRADE FUEL

 Due to the limited availability of our Bespoke parts please contact us via email on info@105revive.co.uk 
and quote our part number to check availability.

We always respond to email enquiries within 24 hours. 

All orders are packaged and dispatched next day on receipt of payment.

This 105revive conversion kit has been designed in keeping with the original style of the two pump setup utilizing the existing pump location. It is pre-assembled and ready to install in your original cradle.The kit includes a single fuel pump, bespoke manifold, clamps, a galvanised corrugated protective steel sleeve for the pump delivery hose and an additional PRV with brass outer casing, stainless steel spring and ball to ensure longevity. The PRV is factory set to operate within the parameters of the original Montreal SPICA fuel injection system. The advantage of our kit is that the pump is easily removed for future replacement.  Fitting instructions supplied.
PART No. 105.MU801 PRICE: 385.00
RUBBER MOUNT KIT - For original Bosch 2 pump set-up 
105revive can supply new bonded rubber mounts which are identical in size to the original rubber mounts, (circled in picture) now unavailable fitted to cars with the original Bosch twin pump set up. The only difference in appearance is that these new mounts have straight sides rather than concave. They are a direct replacement and do not require any modification for fitting. Each kit contains 3 rubber mounts.
PART No. 105.MU802 PRICE: 20.00
Fuel pump MICRO stainless short hose clamps - For original Bosch 2 pump set-up 
The kit includes 12 marine quality MICRO stainless clamps. Allows easier and better positioning than the standard size clamps for connecting the 6 short hoses between the pumps and the (S), (R) & (D) manifolds. This kit is ready to install with fitting instructions and ideal for anyone wanting to keep their Montreal to original specification.
PART No. 105.MU803 PRICE: 22.00
FUEL TANK GASKET - 105revive new production (NOW AVAILABLE)
This is our own production of the original gasket ( between the the fuel filter housing assembly and the bottom of the fuel tank. This is identical to the original item in every detail and includes the sealing ridge on both sides of the gasket as well as the 6 bolt holes for perfect sealing. Only available from 105revive.
PART No. 105.MU804 PRICE: 16.00