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Our Montreal in print

We have in our collection every UK published article written on the Alfa Romeo Montreal since it was unveiled at the 67-Expo in Montreal, Canada. The first UK appraisal of the car was in Autocar 27 May 1971 during Michelin’s Foreign Car Test Day. The first proper Road Test appeared over a year later in Autocar 20 July 1972 featuring a LHD Montreal. They said “For a high-performance car without the benefits of independent rear suspension, the Montreal is deserving of high praise, especially in regard to its ride qualities and excellent handling. Our Montreal, a 1971 LHD example has appeared in most of the major UK automotive publications and was the Montreal featured in the Men and Motors TV series - “The Classic Car Years - 1970.” It also made an appearance in the lavish and beautifully designed book Cars: Freedom, Style, Sex, Power, Motion, Colour, Everything by Stephen Bayley. The photographs by Tif Hunter were taken in a uniform style and reproduced in 4 colour b/w. Our Montreal appears in a feature article in Auto Italia issue No 159 which coincidently features our first 105 series 1600 GT Junior purchased in the early 80’s on the front cover.

Below is a list of the publications and events featuring our Montreal:

1). TV program The Classic Car Years -1970
First shown in May 2004 on Men and Motors - Filmed on location in Fenland, Cambridgeshire 2003/4.

2). Maxey Classic Car Show - 2004
RBY 428K won best seventies car and was also the overall show winner, August 2004.

3). Alfa Romeo Montreal Perpetual Calendar
Produced for the 18th International Montreal Meeting Wales in 2004 - Features RBY 428K for May.

4). Norra Skåne - September 2005.
Photo taken in the town of Kristianstad on 9th September 2005 by Jonas Karisson and featured RBY 428K on page 43 in the the Swedish local newspaper Norra Skåne on 10th September 2005.

5). Cloude Nine Classics Yearbook 2006/7
Foreword by Sir Stirling Moss - Features RBY 428K sporting rare FabRoute period alloy wheels in the Alfa Romeo listing for the Montreal, page 22.

6). Classics Monthly - January 2006.
Montreal to Sweden - The 19th International Montreal meeting in Sweden September 2005

7). ClassicCars - April 2006.
The sophisticated steal - Words Nigel Boothman, Photography Lyndon McNeil. NB: Seats featured in RBY 428K were borrowed from Montreal Register Secretary Chris Slade, originals were being re-trimmed at the time.

8). ClassicCars - February 2008.
Photos taken at Beaulieu National Motor Museum on 2nd October 2007 by Tom Wood, location and cover shot by Matt Howell.

9). Tageblatt - August 2008.
Photo taken in city of Luxembourg on 16th August 2008 by Bernard Bruck and featured on the Focus page in the Luxembourg National newspaper Tageblatt Nr. 192 on Monday 18th August 2008.

10). ALFA ROMEO MONTREAL, The Essential Companion - Bruce Taylor.
Features as the header for chapter 13 - Montreal Books and Magazines page 233. Also appears in numerous photos throughout chapter 11 outlining the various International Montreal meetings.

11). CARS, Freedom, Style, Sex, Power, Motion, Colour, Everything - Stephen Bayley.
Book launched at Bamford & Sons, 31 Sloane Square, London, SW1 on 8th October 2008 at 7.30pm

12). Auto Italia No 159 - June 2009.
Rising Stars - Words Andy Heywood, Photography Michael Ward. 8 page feature classic triple test featuring Alfa Romeo Montreal, Fiat Dino Spyder and Masserati Bi-turbo Spyder.

13). ALFA ROMEO MONTREAL, The dream car that came true - Bruce Taylor.
Features at top of page 38, top of page 73 and page 179 . Also appears in numerous photos throughout the book outlining the various International Montreal meetings. Published September 2009.

14). Classic & Sports Car - January 2010.
Featured on page 53 under heading of February issue highlights Ultimate Showdown, Citroën SM vs Alfa Romeo Montreal. Photos taken on 1st October 2009 by Tony Baker, Location in and around Holme and Norman Cross, Cambridgeshire.

15). Classic & Sports Car - February 2010.
Ultimate Showdown Number eleven - Words Russ Smith, Photography Tony Baker. Multi-page classic duel featuring Alfa Romeo Montreal and the Citroën SM.

16). Classic Cars For Sale - May 2010, Volume 10 issue 5.
Canada Dry - 4-page article on Alfa Romeo Montreal, featuring RBY 428K alongside the RHD Montreal of fellow owner Charles Lumby.

17). Alfa Romeo Owners Club Magazine - August 2010, Centenary Celebration.
Features RBY 428K sporting rare FabRoute period alloy wheels in the seventies Alfa Romeo listing for the Montreal, page 47. (Number plate has been blanked out).

18). Obsessions #4 – Alfa Romeo Montreal, July 2011.
Features RBY 428K over several pages on the Classic and Sports Car website in an article by James Elliott, Photography Tony Baker.

19). National Alfa Day Concours July 17th 2011.
RBY 428K first in class winner in the Concours event at Basildon Park.

20). Classic Cars For Sale - February 2012, Volumne 12 issue 2.
Fancy a Romeo Romance - Article on Alfa Romeo Marque, featuring RBY 428K as the example of the Alfa Romeo Montreal.

21). Maxey Classic Car Show - August 2012.
RBY 428K Show winner.

22). Classic & Sportscar - September 2012.
Market Review 2012 - Pull-out brochure on everything you need to know about buying, selling or investing in classic cars.Featuring RBY 428K as the example of the Montreal on page 10 & 11.

23). Maxey Classic Car Show - August 2013.
RBY 428K Classic Car Weekly and Footman James ‘Best in Show’ award 17th August 2013.

24). Classic Car Weekly - August 2013, No. 1194.
RBY 428K featured on page 11 in report on Maxey Classic Car show where it was awarded Classic Car Weekly and Footman James ‘Best in Show’ on 17th August 2013.

25). Classic Car Choice 2013
Comprehensive publication listing the A to Z of classic cars. Features RBY 428K in the Alfa Romeo listing for the Montreal, page 9.

26). Classic Car Weekly - 19 March 2014
Road Test - Mean Montreal, The striking Alfa Romeo Montreal was a concept car that managed to escape onto real roads. Words by Richard Gunn, Photography by Mike Le Caplain.

27). Alfa Romeo Driver - Volume 48/2 April 2014
Montreal RBY 428K features in the main picture (taken in Luxembourg city centre 2008) on page 24 of the AROC magazine advertising the 28th International Alfa Montreal Meeting in Burgundy later in the year from 4th to 7th September.

28). Bedfordshire Italian Car and Bike day - 19th July 2015
Montreal RBY 428K features in the advertising flyer for this event having attended the show the previous year.  To quote Ciro the organiser he said the Montreal was my car of the show – absolutely stunning and the World has awoken to how special they are – had to be prominently shown on this year’s poster/flyer!   See Flyer Here